Transit changes and what they mean for the Power Inn area

Transit changes and what they mean for the Power Inn area
December 6, 2018 Laura Fickle

Sacramento Regional Transit is redesigning their network of buses. Read more about the process here. Below is a summary of  two extreme alternatives* – High Ridership/Frequency vs. High Coverage – and what they could mean for our district:

*These do not reflect the actual proposed draft routes, but are the extremes from which a balanced model network will be derived based on public input.

What it is

The High Ridership Alternative would create better connections by offering shorter waits – wherever two frequent routes cross, the transfer would be quick and reliable. The network would be simple, and yet people would be free to access places on many routes, not only on the route that goes by their home.

What it means for the Power Inn area

The High Ridership Alternative would effectively eliminate the two routes through our district. However, this could give us leverage in advocating for on-demand transit service (aka microtransit), as well as improvements to our bicycle/pedestrian network – especially from Jackson Road to Belvedere Road on Florin Perkins Avenue where employees walk to work from the Light Rail stop at the College Greens station on an unpaved path.

Learn more about SmaRT Ride on-demand transit

Alternatives Report – Print Quality (11×17)

What it is

The High Coverage Alternative would not offer these frequent connections. However, if SacRT were to implement the High Coverage Alternative, there would be an opportunity to improve a few specific connections between low-frequency bus routes. Connections between low-frequency routes are possible, but they are delicate, and tend to fall apart as congestion harms bus reliability. In contrast, connections between frequent routes require less special coordination, and are more durable in the face of congestion.

What it means for the Power Inn area

The High Coverage Alternative would likely leave our two routes, 61 and 65, in place. No changes would be made. A bus comes every 60 minutes.

Route 61 stops include:

University & 65th

College Greens Light Rail

Fruitridge & Power Inn

Route 65 stops include:

University & 65th

Power Inn & Fruitridge

(no service on weekends)

Give your input

Join RT from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at one of the following open houses:

  • Wednesday, December 12 – SacRT Auditorium, 1400 29th Street, Sacramento
  • Thursday, December 13 – Mills Building, 10191 Mills Station Road (Mather Mills light rail station), Rancho Cordova
  • Tuesday, December 18 – Citrus Heights Community Center, 6237 Fountain Square Drive, Citrus Heights
  • Thursday, December 20 – Pannell Community Center, 2450 Meadowview Road, Sacramento

Can’t make it to the open house? Visit to learn more about the project and make comments about the draft route networks.