Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

CPTED Tip of the Month: Hooded lighting directs light downward, preventing light blindness and glare.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) has gained worldwide recognition for its proven strategies to deter crime and increase safety. CPTED incorporates a variety of design principles that discourage unwanted activities through two primary goals:

  • Increase attractiveness and security on your property
  • Show clearly that your property, staff and guests are being watched over

CPTED includes simple techniques to best utilize design elements such as proper lighting, landscaping, signage, and strategic pedestrian access. Every property has different CPTED needs depending on the design, layout and issues happening on the premises.  A CPTED review can provide improvement recommendations.

Sacramento Police Department CPTED specialists review all building permits for CPTED elements. CPTED is now required on all new developments in the city.

Power Inn Alliance promotes CPTED as part of our safety and security program.  Alliance staff, Dawn Carlson and Colin Martin, joined law enforcement from around the state and facility managers for a week-long training to become CPTED professionals.  As a benefit to the district, we are available to visit your facility and offer CPTED recommendations.

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Dawn Carlson
Colin Martin

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