Market at Power Inn

Market at Power Inn
April 29, 2016 Laura Fickle

Power Inn Perspectives

Market at Power Inn: Anticipation & Fulfillment

I’ve always loved attending a local farmers’ market or food truck event.  In Sacramento, we have many well-known and established venues.  From time to time, new Markets sprout up.  These are among my favorites.  I’ll go out of my way to find them and stroll past the booths, sampling here, buying there.  I enjoy the ambiance and interaction at a small-to-medium-sized Market.  It makes me happy to head home with bags and bundles of fruits, vegetables, herbs, honey, olive oil, or nuts.

So when I met up with Laura at a Business Walk event in February and she told me the Power Inn Alliance’s plan to sponsor a Market near the Power Inn light rail station, saying I was excited is an understatement!

An outdoor Market, nearby, walking distance from my office at Granite Park, and on a Friday!  How could I stand the wait until April?!

My friend Jackie and I got a preview from some of the Power Inn Market vendors and their wares at the Power Inn Alliance’s awards luncheon on Sac State campus in March. We received generous free samples of dried okra, Midtown jerky, walnut basil vegan pesto, and fresh mustard greens and broccoli.  We enjoyed the opportunity to meet the vendors and learn about their products.

The anticipation of the next few weeks was almost more than we could stand!  Finally the opening day arrived. Jackie, Rebecca, and I went over on our lunch hour. It wasn’t easy to decide what to have for lunch! There were so many diverse offerings from the food trucks and booths gathered around the big white tent at the Regional Transit parking lot area. We circled at least twice!  Jackie and I chose selections from “Masa Tacos”.  We watched tortillas being hand-made by two women in the booth.  The mole and other chicken fillings were delicious! Rebecca found a food truck offering lumpia, which she reports was very good.  I am thinking I’d like to try the crêpe’s booth next time.

After we ate, it was time to circulate around the rest of the booths. We stopped at a produce vendor, where Jackie and I purchased fresh vegetables for our dinner, broccoli and carrots. Those carrots, organic and multicolored, were so crunchy and tasty! Some of the best I’ve ever eaten!

After visiting several others, we ended up at the Whole Hearted juice booth. The gentleman there provided samples of several different green juices and one zesty lemony juice. Now I am eager to go back, to turn in the glass bottle for the deposit, and buy more juice, of course!

Back at the office, several of my coworkers had positive comments about their power Inn market experience. Jim O said he had the best Reuben sandwich he has ever eaten; they smoke their own meat and their sauerkraut is outstanding.

Now we all have even more reason to look forward to Fridays – we’ll get to attend the Power Inn Market!

So now on Fridays, from 10 AM to 2 PM, along with me, my friends and coworkers, you too, can have something different for lunch; you can get fresh veggies and fruit for your dinner, baked goods for dessert; obtain herbal teas and seasonings, and enjoy fresh cold pressed juices.

Come on down and join in the fun at Power Inn Market!  There’s a lot of interesting things to see and to purchase, and interesting people to talk to.  Live music and chef demonstrations, as well.

It takes a lot of effort to put together a recurring event like this.  With the perseverance of the participants and the support of the community, schedule it into your Friday; help the Power Inn Market succeed!

Market at Power Inn


by guest blogger Janet Lewis

Photo credit to Tracy & Juanna from Silverado Building Materials & Nursery