City of Sacramento Introduces Vacant Lot Program

City of Sacramento Introduces Vacant Lot Program
June 5, 2019 Laura Fickle

• The Vacant Lot Program was created to ensure city-wide code compliance to prevent blight and ensure that all vacant lots are properly maintained.

• Every owner must annually register each vacant lot which is defined as a parcel that is not improved with a community garden (as defined by city code) or a completed, permitted structure.

• Requires a local contact representative (LCR) who has full authority to act on behalf of the owner and must maintain a local telephone number and address within 35 miles of City Hall.

Nuisance Vacant Lots
• A Nuisance Vacant Lot has two or more administrative penalties or administrative actions (e.g. order to abate for junk and debris, illegal dumping, etc.) issued against the parcel in the prior three years;

• In addition to annual Vacant Lot Program requirements, a Nuisance Vacant Lot is:
o Subject to fees for inspections to ensure compliance with city codes; and
o Requires installation of a 4’ x 4’ foot sign with lettering not less than 6” high that must be clearly visible the public right of way and lists the local contact representative’s phone number

• Nuisance Vacant Lots will remain designated as such until:
o A community garden installed or a permitted construction of a residential
or commercial structure completed upon the property; or
o The property has remained nuisance-free (e.g. no weeds, junk and debris,
human waste or illegal human habitation) for a period of 24 or more
consecutive months.

• Beginning Summer of 2019, property owners will be mailed a Vacant Lot Registration Notice with detailed instructions and a link to register and pay online. Offline registration available upon request.

• Outreach to vacant lot property owners currently in the weed abatement
database advising them of new ordinance and the registration process via
postcards and social media.

• Initial grace period of 60 days allows property owner to register lots without violations or administrative penalties being issued to encourage compliance.

Program Fees
Vacant Lot Program Fee: $65.00 (annually/per parcel)
Nuisance Vacant Lot Fee: $275.00 (per inspection)

Program Administrative Staff
• Tina Lee-Vogt, Program Manager
• Anitra Bibbs, Customer Service Supervisor
• Alicia Hatfield, Customer Service Specialist
• Consuelo Ramos, Customer Service Representative
• E-Mail:
• Website: