Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Chairperson: Eric Edelmayer | Jackson Properties, Inc.

Vice Chair: Mike Newell | HP Hood

Annette Deglow │ College Glen Neighborhood Association

Burnie Lenau │ Lawnman, Inc.

Deanna Smith │Depot Park

Devra Selenis | Sacramento Regional Transit

Debi Munoz │ Separovich Domich Real Estate

Dr. Yvonne Harris │ Sacramento State

Greg Hribar | SMUD

Kevin Ramos | Buzz Oates

Koy Saeteurn | Council Eric Guerra’s Office, City of Sacramento

Lisa Nava │ Supervisor Phil Serna, County of Sacramento

Melissa Anguiano │ Dept of Economic Development, City of Sacramento

Mike O’Brien │ Independent Consultant

Randy Sater│ StoneBridge Properties

Stacy Ladd │ Buzz Oates

Directors Emeritus

Dain Domich │ Separovich Domich Real Estate

Mayor Darrell Steinberg │ City of Sacramento

Trong Nguyen │ World of Good Tastes, Inc.

Executive Committee

Dave Sikich, Treasurer │ Atlas Disposal Industries

Dr. Yvonne Harris, Member at Large | Sacramento State

Eric Edelmayer, Board Chair │ Jackson Properties, Inc.

Greg Hribar, Immediate Past Chair │ SMUD

Mike Lien, Secretary │ L and D Landfill

Mike Newell, Vice Chair │ HP Hood

Scott Lee, Member at Large │Sisler & Sisler Construction

Consists of the officers of the Board and the Executive Director (without voting rights). The Board Chair serves as the Executive Committee Chair. The committee meets once per month, in-between Board meetings and assumes the duties and powers as delegated by the full Board and as determined in the bylaws. Meets monthly.