Catching air at the most acclaimed skateboard park in the Western U.S.
Catching air at the most acclaimed skateboard park in the Western U.S.



Emergency Ride Home

Power Inn Alliance members who commute to work by an alternative mode of transportation - walk, bike, carpool/vanpool or take mass transit - are eligible for Emergency Ride Home service in the event of sickness or emergency during work hours.

Services are no cost to commuters and are provided through Enterprise Rent-a-Car and Yellow Cab. All member employees can use this service up to six times per year

Register with Commuter Club now, just in case you do have an emergency in the future.

To download an ERH voucher the day you need it, log in to Commuter Club and click "Emergency Ride Home" in the left menu.


Here's How It Works:
All registered commuters of member companies who take alternative transportation are eligible for an Emergency Ride Home in the event:

         An immediate family member has an emergency

         A serious problem arises at your child's school or daycare

         Damages your home

         You are sick and can't wait for your normal ride home

         Your carpool or vanpool partner has an emergency and you have no way to get home

         Unscheduled, supervisor-approved overtime

         Your commute bicycle broke down today and cannot be repaired
at your work site.

         Severe weather is preventing you from cycling or walking home after work today

Depending on your one-way commute miles, you will be automatically directed to Yellow Cab or Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

Distances more than 20 miles to home requires a rental car, but you can override the system and get a taxi if you are too sick to drive.

Give the taxi driver or the Enterprise office the voucher and we will do the rest.


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