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Commuting Resources

Make your commute less stressful, less expensive....and just plain better.


Commuter Club is a free (highly secure) website of resources  for employers and commuters in the six-county Sacramento Region.

Visit for more information about:

  • Carpool and vanpool matching
  • Commuter incentives
  • Transit Information
  • Bicycling planning and routes
  • Commuter Diary
  • Online Prize Wheel


Remember to fill out the Travel Diary to be eligible for weekly prizes!


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Carpool / Vanpool

Find carpool or vanpool partners:

  • Log into Commuter Club

  • The “Ride Matching” database will find others that match your requirements for carpools and vanpools

  • To find a list of active vanpools, click “Vanpools”

Start a car or vanpool in your area!

Didn't find a vanpool to meet your needs?  Contact Dawn at the Alliance office to see about starting a vanpool and available subsidies.

If your company does not have a Commuter Coordinator, please contact Dawn at Power Inn Alliance - 453-8888 or

    Power Inn Alliance • 5310 Power Inn Road, Suite A • Sacramento, CA 95820
Phone: 916-453-8888 • Fax: 916-453-8880

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