Future Fisherman cas for prizes @ the Annual Fishing Derby
Future Fisherman cas for prizes @ the Annual Fishing Derby

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Economic Development

Jobs and business growth are what it's all about.

The purpose of a Business Improvement District is to improve conditions for business, but the end result is to attract more and better businesses and the jobs they produce. In this economy, jobs are the key to recovery. The Alliance works closely with job-creating organizations such as City Economic Development, the Metro Chamber, SARTA and SACTO to promote the benefits of the Power Inn Area to business prospects.

  • Held Business Walk with Metro Chamber and City Economic Development Dept. and visited over 150 local businesses to discover issues and problems. Acclaimed as the “Best PR move the Alliance ever made.”

  • Support SARTA’s (Sacramento Area Regional Technology Alliance) Clean Tech Showcase to promote area to technology companies, and co-sponsored Clean Tech Summit – a one-day conference of tech users and educators.

  • Active members of Green Capitol Alliance Advisory Board.

  • Work closely with principals of City and County Economic Developments to promote the Power Inn Area to prospective business and Industries, such as Nestle’s Water and Rex Moore Electric.

  • Reliable source of information for many news organizations (Bee, Business Journal, etc.) seeking business and economic data.

  • Forged close relationship with CSUS in support of technology development and connection with the business community.

  • With City Long Range Planning and CSUS, created concept of “Innovation/Technology Village” and initiated a Specific Plan for the area.Attend Metro Chamber’s annual Cap-to-Cap mission to Washington DC to obtain support for area improvement.

  • Initiated effort to relocate SARTA to Power Inn in effort to attract incubator companies.

  • Advocated with City officials for Facilitated Permitting Process revisions to stimulate economic growth.

  • Sponsor radio ads promoting the Power Inn Area as site for innovation and technology companies.

  • Created Vision Task Force to set direction and goals for improving the Power Inn area.

Sacramento Center for Innovation

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