Nice catch at the county's largest dog park
Nice catch at the county's largest dog park

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The Power Inn Alliance is a coalition of over 1,100 businesses and property owners, local social service agencies, Sacramento State University, and both the City and County of Sacramento. Surrounding Neighborhood Associations are represented through reciprocal memberships, on the Board of Directors and participate in Alliance activities.

The Power Inn Alliance is a nonprofit business organization - 501(c)6

By joining the Power Inn Alliance you are teaming with members who are

  • Attracting new businesses and more jobs
  • Improving transportation and infrastructure
  • Increasing security and reduce crime
  • Cleaning up and beautifying the area
  • Influencing planning, zoning and code enforcement issues
  • Advocating in the interests of business and communities with the City and County

Other benefits of memberships

    • Improved access to government officials – Through the Alliance there are many opportunities throughout the year to personally interact with city council members, county supervisors, and other city officials.
    • A unified voice for business, property owners and managers – The Alliance is heard by government officials and politicians on issues affecting the area and is effective in making changes.
    • Providing a united front against crime – The Crime and Code Committee brings law enforcement and our membership together in a cooperative effort to reduce crime. (Since 2007, crimes against business have significantly decreased).
    • Zoning, Planning and Transportation– Meeting monthly, the Planning and Business Development Committee (formerly PZAC) reviews new and expanding development projects and weighs in with local government.
    • Area Beautification – Our three-man Clean-up Crew picks up of trash and illegally-dumped debris throughout the entire Power Inn Area. In addition, the Adopt-A-Road Program and close communication with City Code Enforcement assures that this business district looks its best.
    • Commuter Opportunities – The Alliance identifies transportation issues and solutions and is actively involved in promoting area infrastructure improvements, as well as providing encouragement and incentives for vehicle trip reduction during commute times.
    • Networking Opportunities– Membership in The Alliance is an opportunity for companies, organizations and individuals to expand their network of important contacts through participation in a number of activities and events. But it takes initiative to become engaged. Call The Alliance today to see where you might best apply your skills and interests.

Take an active role in The Alliance and

join the more than 100 other organizations that care about the area

See Membership Benefits for more information about the advantages of membership.

The Power Inn Alliance is making this a better place for you to do business.

Become part of the solution; contact the Alliance for more information today.


    Power Inn Alliance • 5310 Power Inn Road, Suite A• Sacramento, CA 95820
Phone: 916-453-8888 • Fax: 916-453-8880

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