Brighter days for the children at St. Johnís Shelter
Brighter days for the children at St. Johnís Shelter


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Membership Benefits
  • Improved access to government officials – Through the Alliance there are many opportunities throughout the year to personally interact with your city councilmember, county supervisor, and city officials.

  • A unified voice for business, property owners and managers – The Alliance is heard by government officials and politicians on issues affecting the area and are effective in making changes.

  • Providing a united front against crime – The Alliance’s newly created crime program seeks to bring law enforcement and our membership together regarding issues in our area.

  • Zoning, Planning and Transportation issues – Meeting monthly, an Alliance committee reviews new and expanding development projects affecting our area and weighs in with local government.

  • Area Beautification – With ongoing weekly clean up service providing a thorough clean-up of the entire Alliance district, the Adopt-A-Road Program, and our influence with the City in overall clean-up and dumping, the Alliance is responsible for making this a better area to work and live in.

  • Commuter Opportunities – The Alliance identifies transportation issues and solutions and is actively involved in promoting area infrastructure improvements, as well as providing encouragement and incentives for vehicle trip reduction during commute times.

  • Networking Opportunities– Membership in The Alliance allows for much more than achieving policies and programs that improve the entire Power Inn Corridor. It’s an opportunity for companies, organizations and individuals to expand their network of important contacts through participation in a number of activities and events.

    From committee participation to "Picnic at the Park" (3500 people), contacts, business relations and friendships are forged and thrive. Other activities, such as the Crime & Dine Luncheons, the Commuter Club, the popular Annual Awards Luncheon, the Ambassadors Committee, various community meetings and mixers – all provide opportunities to meet like-minded individuals who share a common interest in what happened here.

    But it takes initiative and that initial effort to become engaged.

    Call the Alliance staff today to see where you might best apply your skills and interests.


    Employer Benefits

    Hiring Assistance Program (HAP)

    Up to $5,000 each for the next 10 hires...

    By participating in the Hiring Assistance Program, you will be able to bring 

    on a qualified new employee and receive a cash reimbursement for 

    providing necessary orientation and training to that employee. 



    STEP - Specialized Training and Employment Program

    Benefits for Businesses:  6 Mos. Subsidized Paid Employment...STEP pays the cost of wage candidate per hour (Min. 32 hrs.)...STEP Team qualifies all candidates for open positions here for more information on STEPS



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