Nice catch at the county's largest dog park
Nice catch at the county's largest dog park

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Security & Crime Abatement

Since 2004, crime has greatly reduced in the Power Inn area.*
The reduction is attributed an alert and active community who are:

Sacramento Area 911 calls from a mobile phone use 732-0100 for a direct connection to Sacramento Police


Crime & Code Committee

Sac PD Chief Sam Somers and Lt. Faulkner were available to answer questions on crime and security issues.

The Crime & Code Committee is comprised of Alliance members who review problematic issues and trends. The Committee is active in Business Watch by reporting problems to The Alliance and Law Enforcement.  

The Crime & Code Committee:

o   Reports crime and problems to Power Inn Alliance and Law Enforcement

o   Brings input to the Crime & Code Committee meetings quarterly

o   Attends Crime & Dine lunches quarterly

o   Educates others on reporting crime and Code violations.

o   Updates members on security to safeguard property.

  Business Crime is DOWN in the Power Inn Alliance area!

Sacramento Sheriff Department Crime Reporting


Sacramento Police Dept
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Crime Alert 443-4357 (443-HELP)

 Click to view the current Power Inn Crime Statistics Report 


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