The three-man crew in the Power Inn Alliance truck diligently work five days a week removing trash, debris, graffiti in public spaces, non-compliance signs and maintain the landscape at the railroad crossing on Power Inn Rd.

2020 Year to Date Cleanup statistics

  • 8.50 Tons of debris taken to the landfill
  • 2070 Bags of garbage collected
  • 134 Shopping carts
  • 51 Pieces of furniture
  • 51 Appliances
  • 83 Tires off the street
  • 73 Car parts
  • 49 Pallets
  • 53 Bikes
  • 23 Mattresses/Box springs recycled
Beautification, Power Inn Alliance fountain

“Thank you for collecting wayward shopping carts. We really appreciate The Alliance for working diligently to keep our streets safe and beautiful.”

-311 City Reporting Services 

“The Alliance gets people involved to speak with a unified voice, identify reasonable, legitimate Police issues for us to focus on. Together we help solve problems, including the work by the Clean-Up Crew. It shows the PBID’s commitment to work together.”

­-Lt. Glen Faulkner, SPD