Plates Cafe served up yummy picnic fare for the masses
Plates Cafe served up yummy picnic fare for the masses




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Executive Committee
Sally Freedlander, Granite Park Partners
Vice Chairperson: Scott Lee, Sisler and Sisler Construction
Secretary: Mike Lien, L and D Landfill
Finance Chairperson: Kathleen Thomas, Banner Bank (Interim)

Immediate Past Chair:  Randy Sater, Stonebridge Properties LLC

Member-at-Large:  Greg Hribar, SMUD



    Alliance Board of Directors


Front Row:  Candy Holland, Greg Hribar, Lisa Nava, Mike Lien, Sally Freedlander, Bernardo Hubbard, Mike Mattos

Back Row: Pat Braziel (Ret), Mike Newell, Scott Lee, Anette Deglow, Dennis Shanahan, Randy Sater, Melissa Anguiano, Dave Sikich, Mike O'Brien, Maria Alvarez (Ret)

Not Pictured:  Dr. Ming-Tung "Mike" Lee, Ken Anthony, Burnie Lenau, Kevin Ramos

The Board of Directors exercises all powers and controls the affairs of the corporation subject to the limitations provided by law, the Articles of Incorporation or the By-laws.  Meets every other month. 
(Staff: Dawn Carlson and Sandra Mowry).

Executive Committee
Sally Freedlander, Granite Park Partners

Consists of the officers of the Board and the Executive Director (without voting rights). The Board Chair serves as the Executive Committee Chair. The committee meets once per month, in-between Board meetings and assumes the duties and powers as delegated by the full Board and as determined in the bylaws.  Meets monthly. 

Planning & Business Development (Formerly PZAC)
Chairperson:. Scott Lee, Sisler and Sisler Construction

Discusses notifications from City Planning regarding new development in the Power Inn Area; reviews plans regarding new construction and expansion of existing sites; and discusses implementation of new ordinances affecting Power Inn area businesses pertaining to zoning, beautification and transportation.  Promotes area assets as attraction for new business and industry; assists with business retention; works with other major economic development agencies, such as, SACTO, Metro Chamber, City & County; meets with prospective businesses and commercial realtors.  Meets monthly.  (Staff:  Tracey Schaal)

Crime & Code
Chairperson: Nick Sikich, Atlas Disposal

The Crime and Code Committee works closely with SacramentoPolice Department and security agencies to reduce property crime throughout Power Inn Area. Reviews statistical analysis of crime trends in area. Addresses code violations such as noncompliant signage, illegal vendors, junk car lots, etc. Meets quarterly. Creates topics for Crime & Dine seminars. Educates business members on how best to provide security protection and crime prevention on site.  (Staff:  Dawn Carlson).

Ambassador Committee
Chairperson: Laura Fickle, Power Inn Alliance

Ambassadors meet with area business owners and managers, members and nonmembers alike, to discuss business and tell the Alliance successes. An excellent opportunity for members interested in community outreach and networking with other businesses in the area.  Meets monthly. (Staff: Laura Fickle)

Policy & Procedures (Formerly Development Committee)
Chairperson: Mike Lien, L and D Landfill

Makes organization and procedural recommendations such as By-laws review, conflict of interest, committee structure and purpose, committee chairs and members, Executive Committee, Officers and Directors.

Reviews and recommends positions on public policy issues that affect the Power Inn Area and businesses, such as tax policy, land use, environment, energy and regulations, and creates a comprehensive Policy Manual to guide future policy positions. Coordinates with Planning and Business Development Committee.  Meets monthly.

Kathleen Thomas, Banner Bank (Interim)

The Finance Committee is responsible for identification, recruitment, nomination, and orientation of board members. Arranges induction of new board members and installation of officers. Establishes new policies and recommends ad hoc and standing committees. Assists in planning and organizational procedures. Meets quarterly.

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