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Annual Power Inn Gone Fishin Derby at Granite Park

Annual Power Inn Gone Fishin Derby at Granite Park

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Who is looking out for your business?

Do you know all of your business neighbors and can you depend on them for help?

Instead of waiting until something isnt working, Business Watch supports communities into positive action.

       Businesses and communities need each other. When people and businesses watch out for each other, communities, business parks and streets are safer, more inviting, happier and healthier.

       It is the obligation of a business community to watch out for each other and take preventive measures against crime - it could be your business saved!

       Getting involved is the proactive approach to community commitment and unity.

       It doesnt take much to get involved.  Watch out, use your instincts and report!

.And attend Power Inn Crime Prevention meetings!

Thank you for choosing to be a part of our

Business Watch program.

To confirm your attendance for the Power Inn Business Watch meetings, please provide the following information:

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Alliance Business Watch Program?

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