Dawn Carlson explains benefits of 'Enterprise Zone'@ Annual CleanTech Showcase
Dawn Carlson explains benefits of 'Enterprise Zone'@ Annual CleanTech Showcase

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Advocacy:  The art of pleading or arguing of a cause, idea or policy

The Alliance attracts new and retains existing businesses and jobs by fostering a business-friendly environment where the private sector can succeed without a heavy overburden of restrictive regulations and costs.

Alliance staff and members advocate on many issues, testify before City Council and various Commissions; send letters of support to city, county, state and federal officials on business issues; and meet with elected officials at every level, including travel to Washington, D.C. on Cap-to-Cap to seek stimulus funding for shovel-ready projects.

Just a few recent advocacy efforts within the last year include:

  • Testified before Planning and Design Commission and City Council on Specific Plan which passed Council on Dec. 10, 2013.
  • Advocated for area-wide business interests with Metro Chamber and Sacramento Business Coalition.
  • Held 19th Annual Awards Luncheon to recognize outstanding accomplishments of Alliance members.
  • Produced largest Picnic in the Park (over 1,700 people), Power Inn’s only community festival.
  • Approved $65,000 reimbursable loan to Sacramento County Dept. of Transportation to begin pre-engineering work to widen South Watt Ave.
  • Joined over 300 area business leaders on Cap-to-Cap to Washington, D.C. to address key issues with U.S. Congressmen and Senators.

Did you receive your two stickers for your front door that tell your customers what to do but also send the message that we’re all working together for a Greater Power Inn?

They are simple to apply to each side of your front door (just be sure they are aligned).
If you have more than one door, we’re happy to supply as many as you may need.
Just call our office and request we mail you more (916.453.8888).

Imagine the impact on your guests and customers when every front door of the 1,100 members of the Power Inn Alliance proclaim we’re Pushing and Pulling for a better community.

Not a member? See how to join by downloading an application here and become an active supporter of your local business community!
Many thanks and enjoy a happy and prosperous 2014.


Thank you to the over 195 Alliance supporters who attended the

20th Annual Awards Luncheon!


For a list of the Award Winners and Sponsors click here





2012 Annual Awards Luncheon


Meet our "Member of the Year,"

Distinguished Guests and "Top Cop"



Sally Freedlander with

Granite Park Partners was awarded "Member of the Year"

Guests included Sacramento City Manager John Shirey and

Metro Chamber CEO and

President Roger Niello

Alliance CEO Jerry Vorpahl and Alliance Chair Carl Stein present Officer Ryan Enkoji the "Top Cop" award


Other Award recipients include:

  • Best Infrastructure Improvement: PG &E for the District Regulator Relocation

  • Best New Development: SHRA for the Bow Tie Landscaping at Power Inn and the railroad tracks

  • Best Environmental Practices: Granite Park Partners for their Solar Panel Parking Lot Project

  • Business of the Year: HP Hood, LLC


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