Annual Power Inn Gone Fishin Derby at Granite Park
Annual Power Inn Gone Fishin Derby at Granite Park


Property Business Improvement District (PBID)

The Power Inn Alliance is partially funded by a Property-based Business Improvement District (PBID), to address economic development, beautification, security and code enforcement, transportation and advocates specifically for those properties within the district. This translates into a strong economic base for business and increased property values and tax revenues.

With a 77 percent vote of local property owners and the approval of the City Council, the PBID’s five-year term began January 1, 2007. 

The Alliance, originally known at the Power Inn Business and Transportation Association, is a non-profit 12-year-old coalition of over 600 business and property owners working for all businesses, employees and neighborhoods in the area.

In California, the Property and Business District Law of 1994 allows commercial property owners self-governed, self-imposed assessment to increase property taxes to fund organizations such as the Power Inn Alliance, providing services and programs specifically benefiting those properties with the district. 

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